Contribute for Veterans Day: Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel and Thanksgiving for Women Veterans

Contribute for Veterans Day: Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel and Thanksgiving for Women Veterans
Velma Anne Ruth - Tue Nov 10, 2015 @ 07:12PM
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Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel
Recently Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPC) founder Glenn Towery was featured in the Member Spotlight of the Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations (TANO). As a nonprofit 501c3, VSPC was founded to try to save veteran's lives by broadcasting healing shows to our nation's veterans who are presently committing suicide at the rate of 23 veterans a day. Its mission is to work towards saving and improving the lives of America's veterans, their family members and supporters by creating a national broadcast channel that will air healing, educational, entertaining and resource information shows intended to benefit America's veterans nationwide in order to prevent suicides and promote mental, emotional and physical healing. At the age of 18 during the height of the Vietnam War, Glenn voluntarily joined the United States Navy. Glenn has suffered with PTSD for many years but he wouldn't know what he was suffering from for many years later. He took up acting and was able to study under great men of the theater like Edmund James Cambridge, founder of the famous Negroe Ensemble Company and C. Bernard Jackson founder of the world renowned theater in Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center.

Check out one of the programs produced by Glenn Towery: The Tai Chi with Sifu: Dave Pickins Show (Air Force Veteran)
Here are some of Glenn's comments from the Member Spotlight with TANO:

"...Many of the veterans that our channel is created to serve will not seek treatment at the VA, and many of their family members are at a loss in finding answers as to what is happening to their veteran family member, and how to get them support and help... I asked myself, what does a veteran do who wakes up at 3a.m. in the morning with thoughts of suicide? Who does he talk to? What can be done to help them? Sometimes something as simple as an inspirational message at that critical moment when a veteran is thinking about committing suicide could make all the difference in the world to a veteran in trouble. The VSPChannel is full of inspirational messages to veterans. We also have shows and are creating shows that allow veterans to participate in Mindfulness meditations, Yoga and Tai Chi, right in the comfort of their own homes. So I would say that the most innovative and unique aspect of our channel is the ability to reach veterans with an inspiring positive message, information and referral services, and therapeutic programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the privacy of their own homes."

"...On January 16, 2015, the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel became an official nonprofit organization and a month after that we acquired our own 501 (c) (3) status."

"...We have a new group of professional people who are our Board of Directors. They include Wilbert Forbes, a former deputy Director of the State of Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, (retired), Dr. Charles Edwards, Brigadier General (retired) and our organization's Chaplain, G ary Ray Bugnacki, Founder of the AMERICAN HEROES NETWORK national radio program, Michael White, Operations Manager, Derrick Randy Jones, former Sergeant Major of the US ARMY and successful contractor for the DOD and, finally, but certainly not least, my wife, Juanita Cole Towery, who anchors our organization as its Secretary of record."

"We also have letters of support from the major veterans' service organizations who recognize the importance of what we are trying to accomplish with the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel. They are from national and state organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), AMVETS, American Legion, and the Texas Veterans Commission under the direction of its Commissioner, Thomas Palladino."

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Faces of Valor - Positive Images


"Faces of Valor" is a charitable initiative that salutes our military men and women. Initially created to serve women in transition from "Welfare to Work", Positive Images is a South Florida based 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 1997. Positive Images provides workshops on job readiness and career development.

Positive Images is dedicated to doing all we can for our clients, including Veterans. We understand that the road from dependency to self-sufficiency can be long, uncertain and sometimes devastating for many Veterans. Each client is provided a professional outfit for a job interview. We offer programs where Veterans improve their skills, image and work towards personal goals. Such as career development, job readiness, job hunting, job retention, housing, conflict resolution, life skills, self-esteem and sense of worth, creative arts and art therapy.

Faces of Valor has a special group mentoring program for women, where Servicewomen and Female Veterans join together and discuss common interests, concerns and issues, and obtain access to available support services in the community. Three of the top issues include childcare costs needed to allow the women to work during the day, assistance with entrepreneurialism and self-employment alternatives, and assistance with household repairs and related expenses of maintaining a residence that is unaffordable.

According to the Veterans Administration, 7.9% of the 23 million U.S. Veterans are women. Per the Department of Defense, women comprised 11% of the military force in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2008. In addition to a high prevalence of PTSD among female veterans, 22% also suffer from "military sexual trauma" due do sexual assault or harassment during time in service. Many women never report the trauma to superiors for fear of retribution, especially when the assailant is in the same unit. In rebuilding their lives after military service, some women veterans find re-entry to civilian life increasingly difficult, and their wartime service misunderstood. A growing number are ending up homeless, many with children. Facilities and programs for veterans, typically geared to meet men's needs, often overlook the unique challenges women face. As women veterans reach out to VA hospitals and agencies for care and support, VA officials estimate that the number of military women utilizing the VA will double in the next five years.

The Faces of Valor women's military group is working on a Food Drive for Thanksgiving and a Toy Drive for Christmas, to share the joys of the holiday season with fellow veterans in need in the community.

If you are interested in donating nonperishable food, purchase frozen turkeys, or making a financial contribution, please contact Positive Images.

Contact: Georgia Foster:
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REBSEA Salutes Our Veteran Service Organizations
Real Estate & Business Social Enterprises Association (REBSEA)

REBSEA business members donate a portion of their revenues to a nonprofit organization in the community they serve. REBSEA business membership includes hundreds of real estate agents, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, and business people across the U.S. and Canada who understand that people prefer to do business with those who Give Back to their community. If you are buying, selling, financing, or insuring real estate, we urge you to give back to the community by working with a REBSEA business member.

REBSEA nonprofit members include a range of charitable services including to veterans, affordable housing, and animal rescue. Co-founded by a U.S. Veteran, REBSEA pays special attention to veterans-related issues and VSO members. REBSEA members have been critical of the Veterans Administration for the treatment our Vets have been receiving, but give thanks to the REBSEA members below who have committed to helping our heroes.

Spirit of Sharing - Emergency Assistance (California):
The Arms Forces - TBI & PTSD Services (Ohio):
H4- Hounds Helping Heroes Heal - Service Dogs for TBI & PTSD (Texas):
Women Veterans Unity Group - Advocacy in Veterans Services (California):
Veterans Care Charity - Food & Clothing (Nevada):
Step Up for Soldiers - Amputee & Disabled Veterans (North Carolina):
Life After Active Duty - Transition to Civilian Life (Nevada):
Fans of America Foundation - Housing (South Carolina):
Helios Warriors, Inc. - Holistic & Family Therapies (North Carolina):
Operation Heroes Connect - Veterans Volunteer with At-Risk Youth (Virginia):
Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel - Health & Wellness Education (Texas):
Faces of Valor, Positive Images - Advocacy & Counseling (Florida):
ABS Community Research - Community Outreach & Public Relations for VSOs (Florida):

If you are a nonprofit, becoming a member of REBSEA is Free. If you are a business and interested to join REBSEA as a professional, or become a leading sponsor to this 501c6, contact Ed Sklar:

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