H&R Block Selects ABS for Nonprofit Referral Program, H&R Block Corp Donations - Support International Programs

H&R Block Selects ABS for Nonprofit Referral Program, H&R Block Corp Donations - Support International Programs
Velma Anne Ruth - Sun Feb 01, 2015 @ 11:05PM
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On January 24, H&R Block contacted ABS Community Research and invited us to be part of their nonprofit referral program. We are very honored by this opportunity to join other organizations across the US in this cause marketing initiative, following H&R Block’s independent review of our charitable qualifications.

If you or a friend are a new customer to H&R Block for personal or family 2014 tax filings, H&R Block will make a nominal corporate contribution to ABS if the servicing branch is presented with this flyer, showing our ID number. This is not a deduction from your taxes. Click here for more info and to download the flyer for your visit.

In turn, ABS will apply the contribution to one of our international advocacy and charitable programs. We find H&R Block to be a great affiliation, given ABS supports NGOs, village associations, and faith-based missions in administration, strategic planning, fundraising, financing, transparency and accountability.

Each group that ABS currently supports shares similar needs for humanitarian assistance: health development, water resources, local agriculture and food security, electricity and alternative energy, job growth and economic security. As part of strategic planning, representative diaspora collaborate and refer to each other’s models in designing long-term sustainable solutions.

With ABS support, each group also engages direct collaboration with government leadership in the host country, while maintaining all financing in the US. No monies are sent to the foreign countries, nor to foreign governments. Rather, goods and personnel are financed in the US, then deployed with education programs, cooperative regular monitoring of uses and distribution. 9. image-fc5ef608a97367bc840aeaf68faef3a5000406a4a4de927156f8bfb

Feel free to let us know which group you seek to support, and please share this cause marketing program opportunity with others who may be using H&R Block for the first time.

Kurdistan Aid Fund: Over 1.5 million Iraqi, Christian, Yezidi, and Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are in need of shelter and health resources. Kurdistan Aid Fund, in partnership with energy and health business leaders in Kurdistan, is currently fundraising for medicines and medicine supplies to be provided through public hospitals with Savrina Co. Ltd., their charitable partners and partnership with KRG Ministry of Health. Click here for more info.

Holy Church of Grace: Mission to Haiti: Holy Church of Grace is a Haitian-American Baptist congregation in West Palm Beach, Florida, seeking assistance for their rural home community near Anse Rouge for development of clean water resources, health supplies to their clinic, and restoring local farming for food security and economic growth. Click here for more info.

Bishop Health Centers, Ghana: The Konongo-Mampong Diocese of central Ghana serves a 1.5 million population with nine (9) clinics and multiple schools that are open to the general public. ABS supports Bishop Health Centers in advancing water, electricity and air quality, medical supplies, equipment, and health education. ABS also supports the diocese in wider agricultural growth. Click here for more info.

Cameroonian American Economic Advancement Group:
Lead by Joseph Tezi, President of Ngyen Mbo Village & Cultural Association, also a board member of ABS, CAEAG advocates for 31 villages of the Meta clan, additional village areas in southern Cameroon including Babungo, urban and rural advancement in water, local clinic improvements with consideration for over 6 medical facilities there, and parallel economic growth. CAEAG is central to ABS collaboration between African communities. Click here for more info.

South Sudan Health Development Group: Per the original request of South Sudanese government leadership, SSHDG is a nongovernmental group of leading diaspora based in the US who have committed humanitarian missions and high-level professional work in health and economic growth. Currently the Wau Teaching Hospital in the safe zone of Western Bahr el Ghazal state has been nominated as first recipient of health and water assistance. Click here for more info.

Asante Mama (“Thank You Mama”), Kenya & Uganda: Asante Mama is an NGO network of 10,000 women’s groups and 100,000 members, providing health and financial literacy education for women in Kenya and Uganda, while also supporting small business opportunities for both local artisans, agriculture, and product distribution. ABS current focus is supporting advancement of water resources, and the “Save Our Pride” initiative in protecting the Lion population through introducing organic agricultural alternatives to poisonous killer pesticides. women.jpgClick here for more info. 

If there is another country of interest, please inquire within as there are multiple country programs on the waiting list and in network.

Please feel free to request any additional information. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Velma Anne Ruth, President & Founder of ABS was appointed an Ambassador for Peace in October 2013 by Universal Peace Federation, with special NGO consultative status to the UN Economic & Social Council, for her efforts with the above and additional country causes. This UN diplomatic status is recognized for the parallel between humanitarian assistance and economic growth in advocating for sustainable solutions.

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