Dyana Dafova: UNHCR Special Representative on Record Refugee/IDP Crises

Dyana Dafova: UNHCR Special Representative on Record Refugee/IDP Crises
Velma Anne Ruth - Sun Oct 19, 2014 @ 09:58PM
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Dyana Dafova: UNHCR Special Representative Musician on Record IDP/Refugees Crises and Counting...
October 19, 2014

Known as the “Spiritual Voice of Bulgaria” with countless honors and recognition, performance artist Dyana Dafova has participated in a broad array of humanitarian programs for United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), NATO, NASA, US Army, and been recognized by Hon. Hillary Clinton, plus Pope Saint John Paul II who invoked “God’s abundant blessings” upon her.

Dyana has given benefit concerts in direct support of UN Refugee Fund, Darfur, and NATO Peace Keepers Association. As a Special Representative for UNHCR, two songs from Dyana’s album were chosen for a compilation CD of the refugees agency, where all revenue from worldwide sales of the "Voyces Unite for UNHCR" album are be donated to help the Worldwide Refuge Problems.

On World Refugee Day 2014, UNHCR announced “Global forced displacement tops 50 million for the first time in post-World War II era.” Since then with worsening crises from South Sudan, to Syria and Iraq, the numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons continues to rise by 100,000s every month. UNHCR is gravely overwhelmed and currently struggling greatly to build refugee camps, feed and shelter those families and individuals who are escaping unrelenting violence around the world. UNHCR is in dire need of partnerships with governments and NGOs to counter the crisis with joint humanitarian assistance, and rebuilding stability so that displaced communities can return home.

Dyana offers her heartfelt comments in observance through her decades long career:

"Since receiving the UNHCR letter of appreciation on June 2007, for donating my songs for the UNHCR Album Voyces Unite for UNHCR, in aid of AID for DARFUR, I'm deeply saddened that, the refugee crises continue to be a major problem in South Sudan.

"The World refugee crises continues to grow beyond belief along the borders of Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The UN is completely over stretched in manpower and funding.

"We must now take action, whether we are artists, or professionals in industry, to find ways to raise funds to help support the UN and NGOs who are struggling to keep up with the enormous demand for basic human needs for survival such as: clean water, food, medicines and temporary housing.

"I continue to compose, develop and offer my music, which promotes: Peace-Tolerance-positive thinking, unity and diversity for One World In Harmony"

With endless appreciation for Dyana and her team, ABS Community Research is continually inspired to maintain proactive support for IDP/refugee crises in the multiple countries where we have initiatives (see related refugee statistics from UNHCR below).

As world news is now keeping our eyes on Iraq and Syria, increased warfare is quickly spiking refugee and IDP counts in the region.

In recent weeks over 160,000 more Syrians are pouring into Turkey across the Syrian border, mounting on the existing 1.3 million Syrian refugees in country. Recent numbers from UNHCR show an additional 1.5 million Syrian refugees housed in Lebanon, 1.4 million in Jordan, and 500,000 in Iraq of which the majority are in the Kurdistan region.

Iraq is not inexperienced with IDP and refugee crises. Back in 1991 Operation Provide Comfort was a joint effort between the US, UK, and certain Gulf allies where Kurds were defended while fleeing their communities, not long after the historical 1988 Halabja genocidal massacre against Kurds by Saddam Hussein. To date, with the growth of ISIS between Iraq and Syria since 2012, now each of Iraqi Arabs, Christians, Yezidis, Kurds, are compounded, protected yet struggling to find shelter in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

According to reports, 1.8 Million Iraqis have been displaced in 2014, with 600,000 displacements occurring in the month of August due to an upsurge of violence in various parts of the country, particularly Ninewa, Diyala and Anbar. There are now over 1000 sites in Kurdistan which are hosting IDPs, and 64% of the internally displaced have sought refuge in the Dohuk governate.

The international crisis of displaced persons can no longer be treated with blind eyes. Help us and participate in the solution to rebuild stability for these innocent bystanders, mothers and young children who are now living under bridges, in abandoned buildings, filling schools and waiting by fences, without water, food, medical assistance, or shelter, while the life threatening winter is steadily upon them.

Contact us to find out how you can become part of our team in providing humanitarian assistance such as tents, water, medicines, medical clinics, and related resources as a key step in our programs to build stability towards more promising futures.

Dyana Davofa website: www.dyana-dafova.com

Images: Curtosy of Dyana Dafova, and ABS visit to Syrian Kurdish camp in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan

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