Event: "The Spirit of Syria", Discussion with Rev. Christopher Krefft

Event: "The Spirit of Syria", Discussion with Rev. Christopher Krefft
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"The Spirit of Syria", A Discussion with Reverend Christopher Krefft 


Sponsor: The Cosmic Gender Balance Institute, founded and lead by Mr. Glenn Strait & Mrs. Louise Strait 


Moderator: Velma Anne Ruth, Executive Director, Middle East Democracy Federation 


Time: Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 2:00pm 



Green Room 

Washington Times Headquarters

3600 New York Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20002



Velma Anne Ruth, Executive Director, Middle East Democracy Federation





Speaker: Reverend Christopher Krefft 

Reverend Christopher Krefft was a primary author of the "Citizens Proposal for a Border Between Israel and Palestine", assisting in drawing the map towards peace and acknowledging the significance of Yasser Arafat in negotiating borders (http://www.israel-palestine-border.org/). 


Rev. Krefft maintains expertise in the foundations of human thought that undergird the current male-focused and conflict-oriented social order, with address to new paths to peace. He is based in New Zealand, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been developing his spiritual craft since he was 5 years old through extensive meditation around historical spiritual and international leaders. 



The Spirit of Syria & Invited Guests 


Reverend Krefft will be presenting and leading discussion on multiple spiritual undertones that Syrian people are encouraged to consider in the course of addressing overwhelming immediate crises plus paths to nonviolence in Syria. All participants have received special invitation in acknowledgement of their commitment to the cause of peace in Syria, to gender balance, religious and cultural diversity, and extended equal rights such as on class or the ultimate mosaic that is the Syrian spirit. Invited guests are selfless in the cause, committing to the Syrian people above all. The mosaic of Syria is invited to this discussion, including Sunni and Kurdish, Alawaite and Druze, Christian, agnostic, and other as equal children of God. 


For practical purposes, the discussion calls upon principles of violence in nature, violence reduction, decision making in situations of violence, bodily decline with age (or relative stress as imposed through war related strife).  


In providing special welcome to feminine participation, this discussion raises the development of women in this age, what higher mandates require a stronger presence of women's expression, the imperative of women's role in decision-making, observations, recommendations, and respective processes. 


As a result, discussion considers rules of engagement, empowerment of decision-making that impacts the Syrian people, and issues of long-term accountability for decisions made that negatively effect other people or peoples. 


What is the higher and historical purpose of peace in Syria? How can Syrian leaders recognize and experience meaning in their actions, and learn from martyrs whose life on earth has been lost in the conflict? 


How can the Syrian people and Syrian leaders develop an improved, or entirely new connectedness in social structure for the purpose of inducing a better result for Syria?


Is there a higher calling towards improved decision-making, and preventing further loss of God's children?



We hope you will join us for this special presentation concerning management of the Syria situation, from a feminine perspective, recognizing that we are in a situation of violence, we all want to be constructive, and we need to understand what constructive action looks like, what is a gender contribution to constructive action, and who can handle which responsibilities over the course of bringing peace to Syria. 


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