2011/2012: Reports of Election Violations in Egypt

2011/2012: Reports of Election Violations in Egypt
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The following historical reports suggest that, despite prominent international institutional endorsements, the Morsi government may not have been "legitimately" elected into office, and should never have been endorsed as such.  
Egypt election: Signs of fraud, vote-buying and corruption - 11/18/2011
Free Egyptians Party documents electoral violations - 11/28/2011
Don’t Ignore Electoral Fraud in Egypt - 1/24/2012
Egypt's democratic elections see violations, infringements and foibles - 5/23/2012
Election day violations widespread but relatively minor - 5/23/2012  
Egypt: National Assembly for Democracy Notes Violations in Egypt's Election - 5/23/2012
Egypt Elections: How Free And Fair? - 5/24/2012
Hidden video on election fraud - 05/24/2012
Egypt Presidential Elections: Candidates File Appeals, Charge Vote Fraud After First Round - 05/27/12 
Angry crowd targets HQ of Egypt's 'candidate for stability,' citing vote fraud (+video) - 5/29/2012 
Egyptian presidential elections marked by mass abstention and fraud - 6/18/2012 
Egyptian vote hit by boycotts and fraud allegations - 6/18/2012
How the Military Won Egypt’s Presidential Election - 6/18/2012
Election Fraud in Egypt - 6/21/2012
Coptic Egyptian Fear Election Fraud - 6/26/2012 
How Egypt’s Army Won - 6/29/2012
Egypt: Continuous Violation of Electoral Silence On the Second Day - 6/17/2012
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